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Information and research service for the Polish Senate was established in the Senate Chancellery in 1991. According to The Rules and Regulation of the Senate:
„The tasks of the Chancellery of the Senate shall include (…) gathering materials needed and making them available to Senators, preparation of studies and materials assisting the activities of the Senate and its bodies, initiating such studies and materials and co-ordination of the tasks of experts serving the Senate”.

The unit which specializes in performing those tasks by providing impartial and professional information service and expert support is the Analyses, Documentation and Correspondence Office.

The tasks of the Office

Publications of the Analyses,
Documentation and Correspondence Office

The Analyses, Documentation and Correspondence Office provides expertise and information service for the Senate, Senate bodies and individual Senators. In particular, it supplies analyses, expert opinions and statistics needed for the activities of the Senate. It supports the legislative process with an expert advice and provides expert assistance in the exercise of a Senator’s mandate.

It also cooperates with research and analysis services as well as archive services of parliaments abroad. Documents produced in the course of the work of the Senate and its bodies and audiovisual recordings of the Senate sittings are stored and processed in the Senate Archives. The Petitions and Correspondence Unit replies to citizens’ letters addressed to the Senate and helps with the processing of petitions.

The office prepares, on demand or on its own initiative, information and expertises, including regular and occasional. The topics of these documents are given by requestors or chosen by the author in connection with the legislative process or other activities of the Senators. Academic support is provided by ordering opinions prepared by external experts.

Publication prepared by the Analyses, Documentation
and Correspondence Office distributed to Senators
in the Plenary Hall

Range of topics:

  • expert opinions, comparative studies on situation in other countries;
  • exercising of the Senator’s mandate;
  • Senators activities in the constituencies;
  • current and historical issues which may be interesting for Senators or on which is lead the public discussion;
  • statistics on the Senate activities;
  • occasional publications – prepared on the occasion of the anniversary events or conferences in the Senate (25 Years of Restored Senate – calendar of major events in the Senate, the Sejm, Poland and the world, Senate and Senators of First Term of the Senate ect.);
  • publications connected with Senate resolutions which honor some historical events or persons important for Polish history, science or art.

Forms of the realizations of the tasks (examples):

  • Expert Opinions (Opinie i Ekspertyzy) – series of publications containing the opinions and expertises, mainly on the current legislation or on the principles of the exercising the Senator’s mandate,
  • Subject report, materials, information packs, bibliographies – publications containing analysis, information and comparative studies prepared at the request of Senators or on own initiative,
  • Information about the proceeding of the Sejm, about new bills, about the work of the government and the hearings before the Constitutional Court – prepared for every sitting of the Senate,
  • Reports from the proceedings of the current sitting of the Sejm – available immediately after the sitting of the Sejm (Senate Chancellery computer network or sent by e-mail),
  • The information on Senate legislative activity, amendments to bills or rejection of the bills passed by the Sejm – statistical information (available on the Internet and sent by e-mail to Senators after every sitting of the Senate),
  • Essential data about the activities of the Senate – one-page statistical information about the work of the Senate and Senate bodies including statistics on number and time of the sittings of the chamber, committees, the Presidium and the Council of Seniors, Senators statements, resolutions adopted by the chamber, bills considered, amendments adopted to the bills, legislative initiatives, conferences and seminars (available on-line and sent by e-mail to Senators after every sitting of the Senate),
  • Selected data on the work of the Senate – an annual publication containing statistical and descriptive data about the work of the Senate and its bodies,
  • Studies and materials of the Senate – a series devoted to the issues of bicameralism.

Publications of the Analyses, Documentation and Correspondence Office are posted on the Senate website. They are also available in paper form.

Last update: 14 February 2017